On We Go

So it’s the end of our second week in Vancouver, now starting to look like that rainy city we hear tales of, and it’s been a bit of a quiet one. Eurgain’s been busy this week, and so won’t be doing her bit this weekend – maybe during the week? Anyway, here are my thoughts!

Quick summary of the week so far: the first half of the week was, of course, lectures. I think we really are starting to get used to life here, and fitting in with the classes. I know I’m enjoying the amount of student participation we’re encouraged to become involved with (since 10% of most class’ marks are from attendance and participation!), especially in my US politics module, and my European history course! Of course part of life is always the surround – and the suburbian landscape we now find ourselves in is becoming more familiar and more comforting; I’m even willing to admit that I like the grid system!

The second half was…well…dreary. Either I ate some dodgy bolognese, or I caught a bug, as I’ve been in bed from Wednesday evening until basically yesterday afternoon. Not fun! But I have been able to explore the wonders of Canadian Netflix. And it really is interesting how much it differs. We get to watch far more new releases here (Star Wars VII, Big Hero 6, the Martian, the Revenant, and even older stuff like Kingsman!), along with a vastly differing TV choice – Mad Men, Buffy, Supernatural. I know it’s all down to licensing and things, but come on UK Netflix! Good stuff please! Although Peep Show is still wonderful, so don’t lose that 🙂

Of course I should mention our little adventure last Sunday after writing our entry – I suggested we go to downtown Vancouver. No reason, just might be nice, and what struck me most was how tall the skyscrapers are! We truly are in a city, and the views of the harbour were incredible! You may have seen from Eurgain’s facebook that we went along one of the pier-things (it has a plane simulator at the end to look at all of Canada, which we will be going back to) and the views were remarkable. But it was still fascinating to have a glimpse of the city in which we technically live. It changes so much from district to district. Much like any city, I suppose!

The last thing I want to mention is this blog itself. I had a quick look on the stats for this month, and wow. Thank you all so much. 800+ views from 5 countries (I know Ben is the South African, but to have that many views from the US, Canada, Ireland, and the UK is mindboggling). We only set this up to have an outlet for the more personal things we aren’t allowed to mention in the assessed blog (yes, we have to write one for Lampeter, so they can mark us), so it’s immensely gratifying, at least to me, that people are enjoying what we write. So thank you!!!

Right, that’s this week’s done. Eurgain may write her own, so look out for that, but if not – talk to you all next week!


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