Knuckling Under

So this week’s been mostly about work, as illness beats a hasty retreat from our door – we’ve both now recovered from the stomach bug which rather incapacitated us last week/early this week. We have, however, still been enjoying life in what is truly now proving itself to be Rain-couver. We’ll be writing this together this week, so strap in for our highlights!

Rory’s been very happy to have finally made it to all his lectures this week, and is now simply struck by how much paperwork he’s accruing from only 4 classes. Thankfully the Centre for Disabilities at Douglas has been more than helpful regarding exam assistance (for those who don’t know, Rory’s dyspraxic – affecting his handwriting and planning), and the paperwork has now all been completed.

On that theme, his last piece of work for UWTSD’s Semester 1 (an exam) went smoothly, after several days of intense revision; and Eurgain’s last 2 essays for UWTSD modules are well on their way to completion. Panic is now almost completely over – and we can both begin to focus entirely on Douglas courses.

Eurgain has found a treasure cove, which has taken the form of a Thrift Store (charity shop for those from Europe) – a veritable cornucopia of clothes, shoes, crockery, furniture, electronics, and so much more; and it has already yielded fruit. A pair of boots (still being broken in, mind) were found when snow was still littering the pavements, and more recently even a set of bathroom scales was discovered. This last provided some much needed morale lifting this weekend when we discovered we had both lost weight! This must be due to the hills of New Westminster, and Eurgain’s superb and healthy cooking!

Eurgain went to a workshop for those making the trip to Uganda, where she met all those joining her for the excursion to yet another continent – this one will be taking place in May. She’s definitely made some friends, and is looking forward to getting to know them better whilst over here and in Africa.

Rory has been doing the same in classes, with a number of new friends. He even went to an event organised by the Douglas Students Union on Thursday – where he met more Douglas students, and learned that the accent never ceases to amaze some Canadians, along with making a new friend in Jemma. Having moved here with her family some years ago from England, she now studies at Douglas too – and has even offered to give us a tour of a nearby mountain, which should be an amazing experience. We’re both very much looking forward to seeing what Mount Cypress has to offer  us, and we’ll be sure to take the camera!

Until next week, toodles!


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