The Three Brits

So we’ve been here for a month, although we’re not sure how – it’s just flown by! We’ve been a little more active this week, so here are our reflections 🙂 We’ve even got a bit this week in Welsh.

Eurgain (Welsh)

Helo! Mond darn bach gen i tro ‘ma, gan fy mod i hefo digon o waith darllan a ‘sgwennu i’w wneud heno ar gyfer fy narlithoedd. Yn ystod yr wythnosau dwythaf, mi rydan ni wedi treulio rhan fwyaf o’n penwythnosau’n gweithio, gan ein bod ni yma i astudio ar ddiwedd y dydd. Ond, pan gawn ni siawns, awn ni allan am antur o amgylch Vancouver! Dydd Sadwrn yma, mi ddaru ni gyfarfod hefo’n ffrind newydd, Jemma. Symudodd hi yma 8 mlynedd yn ôl hefo’i theulu o Southampton, rhyfadd oedd clywad yr acen yn newid yn ôl a ‘mlaen o Saesneg i Canadian, dibynnu hefo pwy neu am be oedd hi’n siarad. Aeth y tri ohonom ni am dro i Deep Cove (ar Fynydd Seymour) – tua hanner awr o’r ddinas ei hun i gyfeiriad Whistler. Gathom ni lot o hwyl dod i ‘nabod Jemma wrth i ni yrru a cerdded drwy’r goedwig. Roedd y llwybr ei hun yn serth mewn llawer o rhana’, ond mi roedd y golygfeydd yn anghygoel pan gyrrhaeddom ni’r diwedd. Roedd sefyll ar carreg enfawr mewn rhan clir o’r goedwig gyda golygfeydd o’r Pasific, y ddinas, a’r mynyddoedd o’n cwmpas yn anghofiadwy. Ar ôl hynny, athom ni i nôl bwyd, ac wrth gwrs, pan welsom ni ‘The Three Brits’, roedd yn rhaid i ni chwerthin a mynd i fano. Cawsom ni beint a bwyd hyfryd cyn symud ymlaen i Stanley Park – parc enfawr ar ynys ei hun wrth ymyl y ddinas. Aethom ni i weld a tynnu llunia’ o’r totem poles Cenhedloedd Cyntaf, yna cawsom ni amser neis yn gyrru o un olygfan i’r llall. Mi rydan ni’n gobeithio mynd yn ôl yno cyn bo hir er mwyn medru teithio mewn ceffyll a throl o amgylch y parc, ac i weld yr aquarium. Cyn i’r haul fynd lawr, athom ni i fyny Mount Burnaby’n y car i weld y ddinas o olygfa arall. Anodd iawn ydi disgrifio faint o anghygoel oedd y golygfeydd o’n cwmpas. Roedd gweld y mynyddoedd yn lâs ac yn llonydd yn y pellter, a’r ddinas hefo’i goleuadau llachar yn rhywbeth na’i byth anghofio.  Dwi’n teimlo mor lwcus fy mod i wedi cael y siawns i weld ac i fyw mewn lle mor brydferth, tydw i’n sicr ddim yn barod i ddod adra!

Eurgain (English)

Hello! Only a small bit from me this time, as I have plenty of reading and writing to do tonight for my classes. During the past week, we’ve been spending most of our weekends working, since we’re here to study at the end of the day. But, when we get the chance, we’ll go for an adventure around Vancouver! This Saturday, we met with our new friend, Jemma. She moved here 8 years ago with her family from Southampton, it was strange hearing her accent change from an English to a Canadian one, depending on who with or what she was talking about. The three of us went to Deep Cove (on Mount Seymour) – about half an hour from the city itself towards Whistler. We had a great time getting to know Jemma as we drove and walked through the forest. The path itself was steep in a lot of places, but the views were amazing when we reached the end. Standing on a huge rock jutting out of the forest with a view of the Pacific, the city, and the mountains all around us was unforgettable. After that, we went for food, and of course, when we saw ‘The Three Brits’ we had to laugh and go there. We had a pint and some wonderful food before moving on to Stanley Park – an enormous park on its own island by the city. We went to see and take photos of the First Nation totem poles, then we had a nice time driving around from one viewing point to another. We’re hoping to go back there soon to travel around the park in a horse and carriage, and to see the aquarium. Before the sun went down, we went up Mount Burnaby in the car to see the city from a different view. It’s hard to describe how incredible the views were all around us. Seeing the mountains, all blue and still in the distant, and the shiny lights of the city was something I’ll never forget. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to see and to live in such a beautiful place, I certainly don’t want to come home just yet!


Well, what can I say? A month. It really seems to be only a few days ago we were stumbling off the plane after our flight over. Despite that, we have been very busy this week – and I’ve therefore got some stuff to say!

Firstly, quick college update. I now have all my books, in ebook or physical form. Been such an ordeal – two of them got lost in the post, so I had to order some more (one of which I actually am still waiting for) but have now both been replaced. They are dense, and heavy, and the fact that I may well not get even half my money back on the couple I will be getting rid of post-finals is more than a little irritating. I certainly am learning to appreciate the UK system, where buying a £120 textbook doesn’t determine if you fail the module. I am also very much missing the NHS – friends will know I can be a little paranoid about health concerns, so basically being unable to go to the doctor is a little worrying. For our avid readers, my question this week is; if you’ve lived abroad, what have you most missed about British life?

Secondly, I definitely feel I’m fitting in here. On Friday I went for lunch with friends made at uni (if they’re reading, hi!) and it was a great experience being able to compare cultural norms. This is happening in my other classes – as all making friends requires is a little bit of confidence! Advice for future people studying abroad: just make the leap and say hi to someone. Ask about the culture you’re living in, or any good spots to eat. Be yourself, be confident, and friends will not be a worry. It also helps speaking the same language, so I’m glad I didn’t go to Spain to study!

My last thing this week is, as Eurgain has mentioned, that yesterday we went hiking/touring around scenic Vancouver with a new friend, Jemma. The morning was interesting – I normally quite like hikes, but since being here (and living on the side of a hill) gradients are beginning to fill me with dread. It even got to the point where my glasses were steaming up, so I had to take them off just to see! The view was lovely though, and it is weird being able to stand on the side of a mountain (Seymour I believe) and see a city which you’ve not technically left. It’s odd – and I had the same feeling at Mount Burnaby, where we caught our last glimpse of the city before the light faded. Standing on a mountain, with snow on the ground although we weren’t that high up, and being surrounded on all sides by the glimmering lights of a city that never sleeps is a surreal feeling, and one I will forever treasure about Vancouver.

Thanks for reading  – talk to you all next week!!


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