The Great White North: Round 2

We seriously can’t believe it’s been a month since we arrived! It’s becoming more apparent every day how fast the time is flying. It was only yesterday we staggered off the plane, onto the skytrain, into our landlord’s car, and into bed, wasn’t it? This week we’ve been essaying a lot, as deadlines begin to loom and tests start to be taken. Nevertheless, here’s this week’s thoughts!

Rory: College is as we’ve come to expect – of course my US Politics class is getting ever more depressing; but despite that I’m really thoroughly enjoying all my subjects at the moment. And I don’t know if that’s because I’m doing something different, or because I’m abroad, but either way I really am enjoying studying everything I am at the moment! Anyway, my top 3 things…

I did a presentation in class this week – on James I’s essay on the Divine Right of Kings, and how it is God’s will that a monarchy be in charge, etc. Interesting essay, and an interesting presentation. I really felt in my element explaining this piece of work to the class – I even got some jokes out of them, with my reasonably dry British wit! There are times I think everyone has that feeling of truly enjoying what they’re doing – I have that with re-enactment, and I really think I have found an idea for my career…teaching! Maybe it was just the class, but that presentation was really fun, and I just hope I get to do as many as possible while I’m still at uni.

As you may have guessed, it snowed this week. A lot. And unlike last month, this was the first time I’ve been around falling snow (that settled!!) in quite literally years. Snowball fights, the snow-woman, and the views you get from inside as it falls – all with fresh snow – really put me back in my childhood a little. If there’s one thing I would consider moving to Canada for, it’s the chance to experience this every year. Mind you, I/we are definitely planning a Canadian road trip at some point, since Vancouver’s been so lovely, and so my question to any readers is: where would you recommend stopping for a look on a Canadian road trip?

And lastly, I made a bit of a discovery this week. As some of you readers may have been watching, Taboo is a BBC drama with Tom Hardy set in 1814; his character frequently clashes with the Prince Regent (a rather gluttonous Mark Gatiss) and the East India Company (led by a fiery Jonathan Pryce) over a piece of territory on Vancouver Island called ‘Nootka Sound’. Quite by chance, I was discussing it with some friends from my US politics class, and one of them mentions that he’s been there. It exists – and so I think at some point an excursion is in order!

Eurgain: I got some exciting news this week! First, I found out that I’m going to Uganda for 2 and a half months (instead of one month as planned originally) at the end of April until July, along with the Canadian students on my International Studies course. Second, I was told that my practicum will be with STEP (Support The Elderly Peoples) Uganda,¬†which focuses on the physical, social and psychological well-being of elderly people in the Masaka community. I’m really looking forward and can’t wait to get to know more about the programme in the next few weeks.

Rory and I went for a lovely walk on Thursday to Central Park (yes, they have one here too!), a beautiful woodland park with a big pond in the middle. I still can’t get over how cute the squirrels are and how many of them there are! We saw a few quirky features in the park as well – a lovely little gazebo/band stand, and a horseshoe throwing pen where people can play in the summer. After that, we went to warm up with some hot chocolate in Tim Horton’s before I headed off to my 6.30pm lecture in Coquitlam.

As Rory’s already mentioned, we’ve had a tonne of new snow this weekend. The snowball fights have been fun (I win every time, of course), and I love taking photos of breathtakingly beautiful Vancouver in the snow. I wonder how long we’ll still love it when the snow turns to ice and we’re already running late walking to school in the mornings!

I have a test for my Introduction to Physical Anthropology class on Tuesday, and as I’ve been studying today like the hardworking student I am, we decided to go out for dinner and to the cinema this evening. For food, we went to Burger Heaven, and they really do meet a heavenly standard. Their menu is extensive with amazing burger options, from elk, and buffalo burgers, to the Insanity burger (a burger patty between two cheese toasties) and the collosal Ernie’s Mile High Club burger (8 patties topped with the works), which you can join the prestigious Hall of Fame for. We will certainly be taking some family members there when they visit!

Thanks for reading, all. Catch you on the flipside!


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