Polar Conditions & Parrots

Sunday’s come around again (or Monday for many of our readers) and time again for our weekly summaries. This week’s been quite busy – both inside and outside college, so we’ve plenty to talk about. Oh yes, and we had some days off! Enjoy!


This week’s been a little frustrating at college, quite frankly, for one simple reason. Snow days! There was a storm warning issued for Wednesday afternoon/Thursday, leading to the early closure of Douglas on Wednesday (and the early finish of my European history class!) and the complete closure of campus on Thursday. Not necessarily a bad thing; but it meant I couldn’t take the mid-term I was scheduled to take on Thursday, and so has been rescheduled. A mid-term I’d spent 4 days revising for. That was slightly annoying, but it couldn’t be helped. Douglas had organised a pub night for that evening, which was enjoyable and a great night out meeting new and not so new friends alike – but led to me taking a politics quiz slightly hungover. Quick lesson for students: don’t take quizzes hungover.

Otherwise, the week’s been lovely. I’ve been able to submit my first essay for my courses here at Douglas, which is great – and, if you’ve not seen, I received my last mark from last semester. A first is entirely achievable for this year, which is definitely a morale boost! More than that, I’m making more friends at Douglas – and if nothing else I’ll have an excuse to come back in a year or two to visit! The time spent laughing with people from different cultures is something I’ll never tire of, and is definitely making me want to travel more.

Lastly, this week has included some prep time for Eurgain’s birthday presents and events. We were debating going to a puzzle room type thing; you go to a room with a few others, and have to solve the puzzle to get out. I think we are still going to at some point, but that’s been put on hold in favour of the science museum and a restaurant with a fabulous view over the centre of downtown Vancouver (as you’ll see from pictures this and next week). We spent today exploring Queen Elizabeth park, which is where this restaurant is situated; and the biodome which sits a stone’s throw from it. I’ll let Eurgain tell you about that!


This week’s been really good – I handed in my proposal for my Introduction to Archaeology class, and my first test for Introduction to Physical Anthropology went well. Saying that, I can’t wait for a week off. As Rory said, we’ll be spending a lot of this next week studying for our mid-terms, but we’ll also get to sleep later in the mornings and go do more ‘touristy stuff’ during the week.

Our adventures these past few days have a lot to do with gardens. We visited the Van Dusen Botanical Garden, which was lovely to walk around even if all of the flowers were covered with a thick blanket of snow. We saw some more totem poles, some interesting statues including Captain Vancouver (I wonder what’s named after him..) and David Douglas (the Scottish naturalist the Douglas fir tree is named after!), and Rory beat me at a game of ‘race to the middle of the maze’. Today, we went to Queen Elizabeth Park for a walk and to our surprise, we came across the Bloedel Floral Conservatory – a small biodome with tropical trees, flowers, and exotic birds inside. It was so strange stepping out of the snow into a rainforest, but I loved the warmth and felt like I was in another world.

Tomorrow’s my 21st birthday! I never imagined I’d be spending it in Canada, but I’m so glad that I am and I’m really looking forward to Thursday – when my family are coming over. We’ve got a whole lot of things planned, we’re going to the Science Museum and to Seasons in the Park for a three course meal tomorrow evening. On Valentine’s Day, Rory and I are planning to go for a nice walk to one of the nearby parks, relax whilst watching a few films, eat pizza and plenty of chocolate. Thursday is when my family come over, I can’t wait to go see the Cavalia Odysseo, an amazing horse show, with them on Saturday and then to see the Vancouver Canucks face off the Calgary Flames during the ice hockey match on Sunday.

I can’t wait for the week ahead!

That’s all from us for this week. Until next time 🙂



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