Stress Relief

Hello again! Yet another fortnight’s flown by before we know it, and it’s absolutely crazy to think that we only have less than 7 weeks left of our time here in Vancouver. It’s strange for both of us to think that we also only have a few assessments left before our final exams, and then it’s jumping on a plane once again and our time in Canada will be over.


Tonight, we went for a wonderful walk to Queens Park, about half an hour’s walk away from our house. We hadn’t been there before, or around any of the suburbs in that area in fact. We had a lot of fun walking past houses, admiring many of them for their big porches and unusual designs. It’s one thing we both love to see around here – each house is unique so there’s plenty of ideas as to what sort of house we’d like to live in in the future. The suburbs on the way to Queens Park are particularly clean and looked after, with a safe atmosphere. For the third time, we’ve seen some areas conned off due to filming in and around the houses. It would be great if we were to watch TV and recognise this area of New West one day!

Friday night, of course, was St. Patrick’s Day! Before we headed out with a few friends, I made a big pot of curry for everyone and had a few drinks. It’s seems that bringing pie to our small diner party gatherings has become somewhat of a tradition, along with the whipped cream! After dinner, we headed to a pub called the Moose on Granville St, Downtown. If you love loud classic rock music blaring, then the Moose is the place for you. The food looked very yummy as well, I noticed that they served typical pub food like burgers that looked delicious. In fact, we might have to go back for a visit! After a couple of pints, we jumped on the Skytrain to Gastown. The streets were crawling with people, many in green, and queues sprawled out of every pub and club we could see. It ended up being a fun but rather quiet night, and we fell into bed around 2am.


Wow, time really is flying. I’m amazed at soon we’re coming home, despite only having been here 12 weeks. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m really going to dislike going home (at first at least!). Vancouver, and New West particularly, really has become our home. It’s probably a little early to be reminiscing, but I’ve started to already. I didn’t think a semester would be going by so quickly.

Quick academic report for those interested: I’m maintaining my As, with 1 A-, so I’m happy with my grades, and hopefully that’ll translate well when we return to Lampeter. It’s just little things I’m noticing about the uni system over here which I’m not going to miss. My biggest peeve at the moment is that we keep being told how to write essays because, as some might be aware, even if you major in something you still take classes in every subject. So there are maths majors in my history classes. People who don’t know, and don’t care, how to write the perfect history essay because they don’t have to! So because of that not only are the majors in history far ahead, but half the class don’t participate because they’re only there to make up the credits. A system I will not be missing one bit!

We’re also into major paper season – and so at Eurgain’s request have been spending a lot of time in our local Starbucks. I didn’t realise how many books I use until we lugged nearly 20 the 3/4 mile distance to the coffee shop. It’s weird how dependent I can become when writing essays, but then if I can get the 2000 words done in 2-3 days I’m not complaining! It does mean spending a lot of time, and money, on hot chocolates and coffee to keep us going through these intense sessions!

The other big thing we did recently was go shooting! There are a number of indoor ranges in the local area, and Dai (our friend from Swansea here on the same exchange as us) found a place in Port Coquitlam which did 2-for-1 deals on Wednesdays. So after class us 4 (EUrgain, me, him, and Eleonore – a friend from Paris on exchange) went to the range. We didnt know what to exect, but when we finally got there (it was off the beaten track a little on an industrial estate) it was definitely worth it. We started with 3 magazines of 8 rounds on two 9mm handguns (the lightest calibre they did) to get a feel for them, and for firing a live gun. Having fired my musket blank, it was a different experience – the feeling of power you get is quite unique. Then we did 1 magazine of rifle ammunition (pistol calibre, I’m told because of the size of the range), and then 6 rounds with a pump action shotgun. it’s good to know we’re both good shots…Eurgain hit the target’s head with her first pistol round! I think we’re going back at some point 😉 See facebook for videos!

Just to let you know, because of work commitments we’ve decided to post the last few entries every fortnight. It’s crunch time at Douglas, so we’re writing for different assignments every day. Stay tuned for our next post!


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