The Road Goes Ever On

Hello and welcome to another episode of Rory and Eurgain’s Antics! Kidding, we’re incredibly well behaved, honest…. The weather’s really picking up here so it’s been lovely and warm for the last week or so, as the pictures tell 🙂


It really feels like we’re on the home stretch now (which it isn’t really for me since I’ll be jetting off to another country soon, but you know what I mean). Our assignments are being ticked off one by one, and before we know it we’ll be sitting our final exams. Before I get into all the fun stuff we’ve been up to, I wanted to mention one of my proudest moments in terms of work – I received a 64/65 for my Introduction to Physical Anthropology midterm! I’ve enjoyed this class so much, and I’m seriously thinking of applying to do an MA in physical/biological anthropology, human behaviour and evolution, or primatology.

We’ve done a lot of walking over the past two weeks and have certainly done our fair share of sight-seeing. We both agreed that if we were to leave right now, we’d definitely be happy with the amount of places we’ve seen, and things we’ve done here in Vancouver – it’s great to feel like we’ve made the most of it! Anyways, our new adventures in the afternoon have thus far been to Deer Lake Park and Robert Burnaby Park. This evening we went to a Grimston Park which had wonderful views of Richmond. We also saw two raccoons right in front of us as they crossed our path on the way home! Usually we work at home during the mornings and early afternoon, and decide to get some fresh air by picking a nearby park and heading out to stretch our legs. We also organise last minute trips, like when we went for a walk around Downtown Vancouver with our friend Dai, and decided to go for a spur of the moment bike ride around the Sea Wall. In fact, that has got to be one of the best things we’ve done in my mind – the sun was going down, the weather was slightly warmer than usual, and the views were breathe taking.

Another adventure that we’ve gone on with Dai, and another friend called Eléonore, is to Chinatown. Unfortunately, Chinatown hasn’t received a lot of TLC over the years – it looks run down and quite poor. However, I can imagine that the place is bustling with people during events like the Chinese New Year and other festivals. From there, we walked to Gastown, went for a coffee, walked around some more, went for a pint, and lastly had a look around some of the shops – my favourite had to be the First Nations’ shop called Hills which was full of incredible art, carvings, paintings, drums, and all sorts of other creations made by First Nation artists.


Well, like Eurgain said we’ve been been doing a lot of walking, and the combination with a little bit of dieting means I’ve lost 3kgs in the last fortnight – very pleased. As much as anything else, it’s making the walk to college a little easier! Anyway…

Uni’s going well; the consistent As and A-s, with the occasional A+, has left me very confident of getting a first when we get home. I really am enjoying learning here, and part of me would love to stay another semester or 2 (I now know the lecturers who teach a few of the modules I was planning on taking!). Lots of friends here, and lots of people I’ll miss – but of course, I’m definitely missing Lampeter too. The one thing this trip has managed to help me cement is my intention to do a PhD, if at all possible. Being in a different learning environment has been wonderful, and I would love to be able to stay in this sort of environment if at all possible…of course that may involve moving back here for a few years!

The trip to Stanley Park, as Eurgain says, was amazing. The cycle ride wasn’t too challenging, although the saddle could have been a little softer(!), and the views were stunning. It’s a slightly eerie feeling looking out at the horizon knowing that once you pass one island, there’s no more land for thousands of miles. I’ve heard one gets similar feelings when at the top of mountains, and I’ve had those moments on the west coast of Scotland – the world’s a big place, and travelling and experiencing these moments I truly believe is one of the greatest lessons in humility one can learn. I think I’d definitely like to travel more because of this, and of course we all know it’s Eurgain’s passion!

The other thing we did that day, after the cycle ride, was go to an all-you-can-eat sushi place in Metrotown – incredible food, incredible portions, and all for the price of $15/£9. I was blown away, and definitely want to go back (apparently there’s a lot of good sushi in Vancouver because of the historically large numbers of eastern Asian immigrants). It’s amazing, to me at least, how so much culture can be replicated so well so far from home; and it’s certainly interesting that Vancouver in particular has been host to so many foreign visitors, who end up making it their home.

We’re reaching the end of our stay now, but we will endeavour to keep you updated – especially as Rory’s family (minus 1) are coming over in less than 48 hours! See you all soon!


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